Baghdad Subway, 24 miles for $3 billion

Thanks to a friend in Palo Alto, we present to you plans for a Baghdad Subway. The Iraqi national cabinet has approved two lines – one 11 miles long and the other 13 – each with 20 stations, with funds providing $3 billion of the cost. This is the first mark of approval for a plan that was studied beginning last year, with the intention of dramatically reducing the insane congestion that marks life in the Iraqi capital. This article in the Guardian provides a nice overview of the project’s history.

Interestingly, it the project is based on a still-born metro that first entered construction in the 1980s with the help of American engineering group Parsons. A branch was built but trains never ran – not surprising considering the Iran-Iraq War, the subsequent American-led Gulf War, the 1990s world boycott of Iraqi goods, and the Iraq War pursued

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