Safety on Buses; Fuel-Cell Vehicles; Lahore Metro

Early this month, a bus driver in Brooklyn was stabbed by an angry passenger after the driver refused to give the man a transfer pass. The rider hadn’t swiped his MetroCard in the first place. The driver was killed.

Now, MTA’s New York City Transit is considering whether to install partitions in buses that would separate drivers from passengers and ensure greater safety for drivers, who often complain of being assaulted by riders. This is an interesting approach, and it would make the bus driver separated from the “life of the bus,” probably meaning assault would become less frequent.

But there’s another, perhaps more useful solution that would not only lead to fewer driver assaults but also that would speed up bus routes. What if all bus routes had offboard payment systems? This would mean paying for your MetroCard on the street and then getting on the bus where it might –

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