Augusta Readies Streetcar Proposal

2.5-mile route would reach downtown’s biggest destinations

Augusta, Georgia, sitting on the state line with South Carolina, is the state’s second largest city with about 200,000 more than 500,000 inhabitants. Like most southern cities, it’s not particularly dense, but its downtown has been growing in recent decades. Though the city has a public transportation service, it is not hugely popular. The board of the downtown development authority, however, thinks that a streetcar line connecting some of the center city’s most popular destinations would be well used and a development booster.

The Augusta Chronicle reports that the downtown group is currently studying a preferred corridor, running north-south along 13th street to serve the medical district in the southern part of the center city and possibly across the Savannah River to North Augusta in South Carolina. Two parallel east-west lines would run on Reynolds and Broad Streets to a planned

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