Opening and Construction Starts Planned for 2012

2012 Transit Openings and Construction Starts

» Many new streetcar lines expected to begin construction last year are scheduled for this year instead; BRT projects advance all over the map.

The uncertainty in Congress over the future of funding for the nation’s transportation programs has not yet hit local transit authorities, which will collectively spend billions of dollars this year on enhancements to their local public transportation networks. At least 33 metropolitan areas in the U.S. — and five in Canada — are planning to invest in new BRT, streetcar, light rail, metro rail, or commuter rail projects in 2012. Virtually every American project listed here is being at least partially funded through federal capital grants.

The Obama Administration’s zeal for the distribution of small grants for bus rapid transit and streetcar projects through the TIGER and Urban Circulator programs will play out this year more than ever. Seven cities will begin construction on new

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Opening and Construction Starts Planned for 2011

2011 Openings and Construction Starts in Transit

» Streetcar lines dominate the nation’s new transit construction landscape, but this year only light and commuter rail lines will open for service.

Lest one think that investment in transit is a coasts-only phenomenon in the United States, the sheer quantity of spending planned for new public transportation projects across the country in 2011 indicates otherwise.

In almost every major city or metropolitan area in both the U.S. and Canada, major new rail or bus links are being readied for service. Over the course of the next year, five new light rail lines or extensions will open for operations, as will two new commuter rail corridors. Perhaps more significantly, there are a dozen projects that will enter the construction process — including many streetcar projects — in addition to the dozens already underway. In sum, these represent a continent-wide public sector commitment to the extension of transit offerings.


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Weekend Links

CAF Light Rail

» This week’s big news. Open thread in the comments.

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The Transport Politic

New York to study Red Hook streetcars, but what are the city’s goals?
New Heartland Corridor increases freight capacity between East Coast and Chicago
Tampa outlines plan for spending after transit tax referendum
Political will disappearing, New Jersey’s ARC project could be on the way out

Bus Rapid Transit in San Francisco’s East Bay, on Next American City

Look Out? Building a BRT line in California is No Simple Matter
Opposition to a Bus Rapid Transit System is More than Just NIMBYism
Envisioning a Different Kind of Region

California and Its Friends

With the November elections in the U.S. likely to be difficult for generally pro-high-speed rail Democrats, the likelihood of increasing federal funding for the transportation mode over the next few years is depressingly low, putting

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Weekend Links

Montreal Metro

» This week’s big news. Open thread in the comments.

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The Transport Politic:

European transport agencies consolidate intercity rail operations in face of competition
Stations picked, huge automated transit project for Paris is closer to realization
Promoting a second stimulus with the goal of actual job creation

Next American City:

Minding the Gaps: Streetcar plans in Detroit and New Orleans (in the magazine)
New Orleans could be up for radical change with the removal of a highway
If transit investment produces jobs, why isn’t there more of it?

Canadians like transit

The Canadian federal government has agreed to commit $265 million to the Waterloo light rail project, which will extend into Kitchener and Cambridge. The local governments involved may not be able to find the rest of the funds to pay for the almost $700 million program.
Elsewhere in Ontario,

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Weekend Links

Denver Light Rail at Union Station

» This week’s big news. Open thread in the comments.

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On The Transport Politic:

U.S. Announces $8.5 Billion in Requests for High-Speed Funds; $2.3 Billion Available
Can Bike Sharing Work in Cities With Monofunctional Job Centers?
Chicago’s Parking Fiasco Fails to Stem Calls for Privatization of Infrastructure
Chicago’s Plans for a High-Speed Airport Link Revived Thanks to Investor Interest

A note on the last article: In discussing the matter of access between Chicago’s downtown and its airport, I neglected to mention two important issues about such links that generally apply to places throughout the country. One, that they’re too often proposed as elixirs (even “money-makers”) for struggling transportation agencies and thus that they are sometimes prioritized over more important projects; and two, that the City of Chicago would do well if it truly thought over the value of such

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