The Day Before

The most important day of the year is tomorrow, as anyone alive and not comatose knows. As a result, we won’t waste your time with interesting blog entries today or tomorrow.

The fundamental point is this: you should be spending your time today convincing everyone you know to vote, and preferably to vote well. Tomorrow, you should be spending your time voting and getting other people to the polls. Democracy is a wonderful thing.

A few reminders: if you believe that it’s time for a new transportation policy in this country, wake up and smell the coffee. Jim Oberstar and Earl Blumenauer, two of Congress’ best and most progressive transportation experts, are on the short list to be Obama’s Transportation Secretary. I hate to repeat the obvious, but a President McCain would likely mean another Secretary Mary Peters. That would be a very bad thing.

Coming Wednesday and Thursday: two re-thinks of New York’s Second Avenue Subway. You’ll be interested, promise. Thanks for reading.

One reply on “The Day Before”

The wonderful thing about democracy is you get the government you deserve. The scary thing about democracy….you get the government you deserve. I so hope things go well in the next 48 hours. I have heard about alot of great initiatives. Tommorrow will decide what gets rolling. (all puns intended).

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