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Big News Day: DC, Balto, Seattle, SF, Norfolk, NYC

There’s so much news today, we’re just going to summarize it quickly:

  • There’s increasing support in Baltimore for the construction of the $1.6 billion Red Line light rail system. It will run partially underground, partially overground, and complement the existing light and heavy rail systems in the city.
  • Sound Transit in Seattle got a huge rebate on its plans for an extension of its light rail line underconstruction: bids for the University extension were under estimates by $10 million.

2 replies on “Big News Day: DC, Balto, Seattle, SF, Norfolk, NYC”

Seeing Merril Lynch behind Transit is truly amazing. Those guys are geniuses. It can only be a good sign to see them backing transit initiatives. haha, I wonder how much stock they are buying into transit industries.

let’s hope they are buying a lot of stock in transit industries. if big corporations get behind transit, it will surely, finally, happen. sad that this country works that way but….
perhaps if ML gets behind transit it will encourage the obama administration to carry out its promises in this regard- as addressed in the most recent posting on this site.

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