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Amtrak to be Cut from Senate Stimulus Bill?

The New York Times is reporting that a group of centrist senators, including Susan Collins (R-ME) and Ben Nelson (D-NE) may attempt to cut Amtrak’s $850 million from the stimulus bill. Looks like any hope of expanding transit component to the stimulus is dead until the conference committee meets. Updates to come.

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How? He’s not gonna veto the whole bill and he can’t veto part of it. They probably have his blessing on this anyway, he’s been meeting with them about cutting the bill down.

I am not sure this post is necessarily true. Right now there is a lot wheeling and dealing going on. This morning dems thought they had enough votes to pass the bill as is. I am not certain that has changed. It may have but there is a lot of chaff in the air right now.

Let’s not jump off a cliff just yet, and instead keep pushing our Senators.

They need 1 billion. Electrify the empire corridor, replace amfleet 1’s with new american built coaches. Expand service and lower fares. Oh, a few hybrid diesel locomotives wouldn’t be so horrible either. Can anyone say jobs? Lots of them, over several years…

The top priority to correct this bill must, as a reason to ensure a cut in global warming gases, cut all funding for road capacity expansion, particularly as there is not even a users’ fee for raising dollars,

Next, all projects must be tested by exacting peer environmental review, that compares the effectiveness and sustaiinability of the projects and to brightly scrutinize their projected costs.

I was hoping your new President would be favouring Amtrak and improving it . James Armstrong Passenger railway advocate

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