One Year of The Transport Politic

» It’s been a good one.

Thanks to everyone who has read my posts and joined the discussion on The Transport Politic over the past year. I really appreciate the community we’ve created here.

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I have to agree with the rest of your readers. After reading High Speed Rail (first and second part) I was hooked. I read it every day.

Congratulations. The graphics in particular are excellent and you do a great job of cross-referencing links. It makes it extremely useful as a reference source, not to mention a good place to exchange ideas.

Thanks for the informative coverage. From your visitor location stats, looks like there aren’t that many more of us reading you here in Hong Kong.

Looking forward to future posts!

Congrats Yonah! Your blog has already become a must-read on transportation in the USA. Your reporting regularly beats the national dailies. Keep it up!

I’m glad I discovered this blog. The coverage on key transport issues, and projects is spot-on, and informative. Keep it up!

Congrats! I enjoy your map visualizations :) Helps non-urban planners like me thinking of how future public transit will effect the regional areas

Gotta say I’m a big fan. The amount of time you must put into researching stuff and making the graphics is staggering. The graphics are absolute eye candy. You could give apple a run for their money graphics-wise. What exactly is your background? The site has had a lot of interesting reads and ideas. The only thing is I have to say I liked the original color scheme more. I see the feeds section change to links to but the other sites don’t change much anyway. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Yonah, thanks for all of your coverage. You have a very good grasp of local issues, though it’s a national (and somewhat internation) focus.

I selected your blog for L.A. readers as one of 10 to read for perspectives outside of our area. MetroRiderLA’s founder, Fred Camino, is impressed by the maps you draw.

Congratulations. And thanks for a very good year. Thanks as well to the commentators of many differing views and various expertise. I learn much from the provocative discussions.

I’m not sure it’s correct to say that I love the site, because my relationship has certain characteristics of addiction. But overall, I think it’s good for me. So thanks again.

Top quality work. Saludos from Puerto Rico. Home of El Tren Urbano. If you could ever do a post on why it was so expensive, I’d be greatful.

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