High-Speed Rail

New U.S. High Speed Rail Association Presents Network Plan

—— Organization envisions 17,000-mile network stretching across the country, but its phasing and route plans need work. More than any time in U.S. history, there is strong, bipartisan support for public investment in expanded rail networks. The momentum behind what may be the country’s next major national project is developing quickly, with states recently applying […]

Amtrak High-Speed Rail

Reduced Travel Times Require High Speeds

Perhaps Amtrak President Joseph Boardman needs a lesson. Here’s what he told the Illinois House Railroad Industry Committee yesterday, according to the Chicago Tribune: “It’s really not about the speed. It’s about reduced travel times and more frequency.” I hate to point out the obvious — something I’ve had to do in the past — […]

High-Speed Rail London United Kingdom

U.K.'s High Speed Two Fleshed Out

With support from Tories and Labour, project construction is virtually guaranteed The United Kingdom, despite its intense population concentration and relatively straight-shot connection between its biggest cities, has yet to invest in a major high-speed program, unlike its peers in France, Spain, and Germany. Beginning late last year, however, the Conservative Party, under leader David […]

World high-speed rail kilometers by country

Route kilometers for high-speed rail systems (240+ km/h), all countries Route kilometers for high-speed rail systems (240+ km/h), excluding China View source data.

France High-Speed Rail

In France, a Truly Low-Cost High-Speed Rail Option

» To convince even more passengers to take the train, the SNCF national rail carrier plans to offer very cheap tickets. France’s SNCF national rail service has, since the introduction of the TGV in 1981, held to the belief that fast trains should not be segregated to serve only higher-paying passengers. As a result, fast […]