Berlin Finally Opens New Subway Line — All 1.1 Miles of It

U55, connecting central station and Brandenburg Gate, took 14 years to plan and construct.

This weekend, Berliners got their first taste of a new U-Bahn line. The mile-long U55 subway links the Hauptbahnhof central station and the Brandenburg Gate at Pariser Platz, with a station in the middle underneath the German national government complex. The project’s opening is unlikely to change the commuting habits for many in the German capital, but in the long term a future connection with the U5 line and a new series of stations underneath the core of the city will make the U55 a valuable addition to the transit offerings in Berlin.

The original plan for the U55, conceived in the euphoria following reunification of Germany and the decision to build the new capital in Berlin, was to extend the current terminus of the U5 line at Alexanderplatz west to a new central station and

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