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In order to improve availability of transportation-related data, The Transport Politic provides interactive charts and tables, updated as frequently as possible, with data documenting trends in U.S. related to travel. Sources and date of last update are noted for each; these are provided below.

In addition, The Transport Politic’s Transit Explorer 2 database, available in interactive form, is also available for download for use on programs just as ArcGIS and QGIS. This download is $25 and includes the most extensive existing database of transit stations and lines throughout North America, in operation, under construction, and planned.

Per capita VMT
Per-worker VMT
Total U.S. VMT
Change in U.S. transit ridership by mode
Transit ridership overall and per capita
Transit modes as a share of all transit ridership
Change in bus ridership in major urbanized areas
Change in bus service in major urbanized areas
Change in heavy rail ridership in U.S. cities
Change in operating funding in major urbanized areas
U.S. vehicular ownership by household
Change in capital funding in major urbanized areas
Commuting by transit, change over time, major U.S. cities
U.S. commute mode shares to work, change over time
Commuting by car, change over time, major U.S. cities

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