Transport Databook

In order to improve availability of transportation-related data, The Transport Politic provides interactive charts and tables, updated as frequently as possible, with data documenting trends in U.S. related to travel. Sources and date of last update are noted for each.

In addition, The Transport Politic’s Transit Explorer database, available in interactive form, is also available for download for use on programs just as ArcGIS and QGIS. This download includes the most extensive existing database of transit stations and lines throughout North America, Africa, and parts of Europe, in operation, under construction, and planned.

The databook is divided into a series of chapters covering a series of themes related to transportation. Browse through the chapters below:

1. U.S. vehicle miles traveled (1991-2022)

  • Includes data overall, per capita, per worker, and showing change in travel patterns over time.

2. Transportation spending in the U.S. (1956-2018)

  • Provides data on highway versus transit spending at the federal, state, and local levels over time.

3. Characteristics of driving in the U.S.

  • Information on changes in gas prices (1994-2020); road crash fatalities by type; registered vehicles; licensed drivers.

4. U.S. transit ridership (1990-2019)

  • Data by mode of travel, and change over time.

5. Transit in major urbanized areas (2002-2020)

  • Examines overall and per-capita ridership by region; also provides information on service provision and utilization.

6. Transit funding by region

  • Examines capital and operating funds provided for transit agencies by region.

7. Transit service effectiveness

  • Examines the effectiveness of transit service provided by transportation mode.

8. U.S. transportation use (1970-2018)

  • Provides information on overall U.S. transportation mode shares, vehicular ownership, mode shares by city in terms of commuting modes.

9. Route length for U.S. and Canada rail systems

  • Calculates the route lengths of rail systems, by region, over time.

10. World city and region transportation mode shares

  • Provides data on comparative transportation mode share, by city, in places around the world.

11. World high-speed rail kilometers by country

  • Offers information on the length of high-speed rail systems in all countries in the world, over time.

12. Chinese metro kilometers

  • Shows route length of metro systems in all cities in China, over time.

13. Transportation in London and Paris

  • Offers detailed data on transportation trends in these two European capitals, as well as tramway route lengths in all French cities.

14. Amtrak current and future service diagrams

  • Shows current (2021) and future Amtrak service by route segment, as proposed in the ConnectsUS plan.

15. Trends in U.S. metropolitan transportation use, 1970-2019

  • Compares changes over time in constant-geography metropolitan regions over time.