Travel mode shares in the U.S.

U.S. commuter mode share to work, 1970-2014

View U.S. commuter mode share source data.

U.S. vehicular ownership by household, 1970-2014

View U.S. vehicular ownership by household source data.

Travel to work by city in 2014: 15 largest cities and all cities with more than 30,000 commuters

View Travel to work by city source data.

Commuting by transit, 1970-2014, 10 largest commuting cities

View Commuting by transit source data.

Commuting by car, 1970-2014, 10 largest commuting cities

View Commuting by car source data.

Travel to work by urbanized area: 15 largest urbanized areas and all urbanized areas with more than 75,000 commuters

View Travel to work source data.


Travel mode shares account for commuting travel only. Most travel is not work-based travel, but data on such journeys is not readily available.

Urbanized areas are Census-defined developed regions surrounding cities in the U.S.

Data sources

  • Mode shares for commuters and vehicular ownership: U.S. Bureau of the Census: Census 1970, Census 1980, Census 1990, Census 2000, American Community Survey 2006-2010, American Community Survey 2010-2014.

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