Existing Streetcar Systems

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McKinney Avenue M-Line Streetcar

  • Line between downtown Dallas and Uptown district via McKinney Avenue, with 10 stations
  • Operations began in 1989
  • Extension further into downtown along Olive Street opening soon; City of Dallas is planning modern streetcar system throughout downtown
  • Uses heritage vehicles
Platte Valley Trolley

  • 1.4-mile line from Old Colfax to Confluence Park, along South Platte River, via Gates-Crescent Park, with 5 stations
  • Operations began in July 1989
  • Rail-based vehicles are powered by diesel, do not use overhead catenary
  • Operates only during the summer season on weekends
  • Uses modern vehicles that appear to be heritage
  • Extensions into downtown Denver currently proposed
  • Map source
High-Level Streetcar Service

  • Line runs from Strathcona Terminal to Jasper Terminal, with 5 stations
  • Operations began in 1997
  • Uses heritage vehicles
  • Operates only during the summer season
  • Could be altered to provide modern streetcar service
  • Map source
Fort Collins
Municipal Railway

  • Line runs along West Mountain Avenue
  • Modern operations began in 1984
  • Uses heritage vehicles
  • Runs on weekends only, currently out of service
Island Trolley

  • 6.8-mile line with 22 stations
  • Operations began in July 1988; service currently suspended because of damage in Hurricane Ike
  • Rail-based vehicles are powered by diesel, do not use overhead catenary
  • Uses modern vehicles that appear to be heritage
Electric Railway

  • 2-mile one-way loop on 54th and 56th Streets from Kenosha Metra station to pier
  • Uses refurbished PCC streetcar vehicles
  • Operations began in June 2000
  • Expansion further into downtown being considered
Little Rock
River Rail Streetcar

  • 3.4-mile system, with two routes and 14 total stations:
    • Little Rock Loop: providing access to downtown
    • North Little Rock Line: connecting across Arkansas River and occasionally extending to President Clinton Library
  • Operations began in November 2004
  • Uses replica-historic streetcar vehicles
  • Proposed 2.5-mile extension to Little Rock Airport
MATA Trolley

  • Three connected lines in downtown Memphis, with a total of 24 stations:
    • Main Street Line (north-south), opened 1993
    • Riverfront Line (north-south), opened 1997
    • Madison Avenue Line (east-west), opened 2004
  • Operations began in April 1993
  • About 2,500 daily riders
  • Uses heritage streetcar vehicles
New Orleans

  • 13-mile system, with three services:
    • Riverfront Line: runs along riverfront downtown from French Quarter to Convention Center
    • Canal Street Line: runs from riverfront to Cemeteries (one branch) and City Park (another branch) along Canal Street and Carrollton Avenue
    • St. Charles Line: runs from Canal Street downtown to Carrollton/S. Claiborne, via St. Charles and Carrollton Avenues
  • Operations began in January 1835
  • About 12,000 daily riders
  • Uses heritage streetcar vehicles and replica vehicles
SEPTA Route 15 Girard Avenue Line

  • 8.5-mile route from Richmond/Westmoreland to 63rd/Girard
  • Modern operations began in 2005
  • Uses heritage streetcar vehicles
  • Other Philadelphia Lines are also streetcars — the Subway-Surface Lines — but they enter into the grade-separated Center-City tunnel, so they’re classified here as light rail
  • Map source
Modern Streetcar

  • 3.9-mile route from South Waterfront to Northwest Portland, via River Place, Portland State University, downtown core, and Pearl District
  • Operations began in July 2001
  • About 12,000 daily riders
  • Uses modern vehicles
  • Extension across Willamette River to Eastside currently under construction; extension south to Lake Oswego planned
San Francisco
Cable Cars

  • Three-line network connects Market Street to Chinatown, North Beach and Russian Hill; Services:
    • California Street Line: from Market Street to California/Van Ness
    • Powell-Mason Line: from Market Street to Mason/Embarcadero
    • Powell-Hyde Line: from Market Street to Aquatic Park
  • Operations began in 1873
  • Uses heritage vehicles
  • Map source
F-Market and Wharves Streetcar

  • Line from 17th/Castro to Jones/Beach, via downtown, along Market Street and Embarcadero
  • Operations began in 1995
  • Uses heritage vehicles
  • Planned extension along Embarcadero to Caltrain terminus
San Pedro
Port of Los Angeles Waterfront Red Car

  • 1.5-mile line from Cruise Center to Marina Station, with four stations, in downtown San Pedro
  • Operations began in July 2003
  • Uses two replica Pacific Electric vehicles and one modified 1907 Pacific Electric vehicle
  • Operates only on weekends
  • Extensions north and southwest being considered
  • Map source
River Street Streetcar

  • 1-mile line, from Montgomery Street to Waving Girl, along River Street, via City Hall, with 7 stations
  • Operations began in February 2009
  • Uses heritage vehicles
  • Operates only on weekends
  • Map source
South Lake Union Streetcar

  • 1.3-mile line, between Westlake Hub and Fairview/Campus, with 11 stations
  • Operations began in December 2007
  • About 2,500 daily riders
  • Extension throughout the city being planned, starting with First Hill Line
  • Uses modern vehicles
TECO Line Streetcar

  • 2.7-mile line along waterfront, running from Dick Grego Plaza to Ybor City, via Cruise Terminal, with 13 stations
  • Connected to In-Town Trolley system, which uses buses
  • Operations began in October 2002
  • Uses mostly modern replica vehicles
  • Map source
Streetcar System

  • 47-mile system, with 11 services:
    • 501 Queen
    • 502 Downtowner
    • 503 Kingston Road
    • 504 King
    • 505 Dundas
    • 506 Carlton
    • 508 Lake Shore
    • 509 Harbourfront
    • 510 Spadina
    • 511 Bathurst
    • 512 St Clair
  • Operations began in 1861
  • About 275,000 daily riders
  • Map source
Old Pueblo Trolley

  • 1-mile line from University of Arizona to downtown, along University and 4th Avenue, with 11 stations
  • Operations began in April 1993
  • Uses historic vehicles
  • Will eventually be converted to operation with modern vehicles and expanded route
  • Operates only on weekends
  • Map source
Olympic Line Streetcar(defunct)

  • 1-mile line from Granville Island to Olympic Village, with 2 stations
  • Operated during the Vancouver Winter Olympics in early 2010 with Bombardier vehicles from Brussels; though line still exists, it currently sees no service
  • Line is part of city’s long-term streetcar plan (shown on map), currently unfunded
  • Map source

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Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Cincinnati, El Paso and Milwaukee have their streetcar lines up and running.
The San Pedro Waterfront Red Car line closed in Sept. 2015 and future re-opening is delayed indefinitely.

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