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California HSR Polls; Overcrowded Philly Trains; UK Considers HSR

California HSR: A new Field poll shows 47% in favor, 42% opposed. This is in contrast to 52% in favor, 36% opposed back in July. The economic crisis is starting to take its toll on voter confidence for new projects. The people have it all wrong, though: this high-speed rail project would prove to be […]

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Obama on Infrastructure; HSR Projects in UK and CA under Threat

Last night, Rachel Maddow spoke to Senator Barack Obama on MSNBC. The discussion turned almost immediately to infrustructure spending, though the two also talked about Afganistan and other not-as-interesting topics. You can watch the entire interview over at the Huffington Post, but I’ve transcribed the relevant stuff here: Rachel Maddow: “There may be some policy […]

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Change for L.A.! (if voters agree)

Los Angeles is the second largest city in the country, and the county that includes it, with over ten million inhabitants, is larger than New York. And yet this growing metropolis is served by little more than a skeleton of a transit network, with two short metro lines, three light rail lines, three busways, and […]

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Priority Number 1

As of this year, there are ten cities that provide more than 100,000 rides a day on their rapid transit, light rail, and commuter rail lines. The renewal and strengthening of these lines, which represent the backbone of America’s transit infrastructure, must be the first transportation priority of the next Presidential Administration. Here is the […]