Planned Metro Rail Systems

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  • Atlanta
    • Westline Metro and BRT
      • 1.5-mile route would extend existing MARTA East-West Line rail service west along MLK Boulevard from current terminus at Hamilton Holmes Station to new station at Adamsville and I-285; BRT service would run in I-20 from Hamilton Holmes Station to Baker Hill (just outside of the city of Atlanta), via Adamsville
      • Funding is not yet dedicated
  • Baltimore
    • Green Line Extension
      • 17-mile extension of extension Metro Subway from Johns Hopkins Medical Center to Martin State Airport, via Madison Square, Morgan State, and White Marsh
      • Short branch line will extend to a commuter park and ride lot adjacent to I-95
      • Proposed in Baltimore Region Transit Plan; one of the region’s main priorities
      • No funding yet available
  • Boston
    • Red/Blue Lines Connector
      • 0.4 mile extension of existing Blue Line would bring trains from terminus at Bowdoin to the Charles/MGH station on the Red Line, allowing direct transfers between the two lines, something not currently possible
      • Project’s construction has yet to be funded, but is being designed by Boston’s MBTA
      • Relevant article on the Transport Politic: MBTA Moves Forward with Blue Line Extension Planning, 28 July 2009.
  • Chicago
    • Circle Line Metro (possibleBRT)
      • 9 to 15-mile new line connecting all existing Chicago “El” Lines in a sort of outer “loop;” though alignment has not yet been defined, if using metro technology, it would run partially on existing track and partially on new track, with a few new stations mixed in; if using BRT technology, it would run entirely in a new right-of-way
      • Currently undergoing local review process; exact route not yet defined – earliest construction start would be 2012
      • Relevant article on the Transport Politic: Chicago Planners Pinpoint Scaled-Back Locally Preferred Alternative for Circle Line, 9 October 2009.
    • Red Line Metro
    • Orange Line Metro
      • Short extension of existing Orange Line metro south from current terminus at Midway Airport to Ford City Mall; if BRT, it would be a new line with a connection to existing service
      • Currently undergoing local review process; earliest construction start would be 2012
    • Yellow Line Metro
      • Short extension of existing Yellow Line metro north from current terminus at Skokie to the Old Orchard Area; if BRT, it would be a new line with a connection to existing service
      • Currently undergoing local review process; earliest construction start would be 2012
  • Las Vegas
    • Las Vegas Monorail Extension
      • 4.2-mile extension of existing line would extend the route from the MGM Grand Station to the Las Vegas Airport
      • This line was supposed to be completed by 2011 and funded by private sources, but the real estate crisis, which has affected Las Vegas particularly strongly, may make this project impossible to complete
  • New York City
    • Second Avenue Subway Phases II-IV– 2025
      • 6.5-mile extension of currently under construction Phase I of Second Avenue Subway (from 72nd to 96th Streets); would run north-south from 125th Street to 96th Street and from 72nd Street to Hanover Square, via East Midtown, the East Village, Chinatown, and the South Street Seaport; connections to 4, 5, 6, and Metro-North trains at 125th Street, E and V trains at 55th Street, to 4, 5, 6, 7, S, and Metro-North trains at 42nd Street, to L trains at 14th Street, to F trains at Houston Street, and to B and D trains at Grand Street
      • Phase II is from 96th Street to 125th Street (this would also serve as an extension of the Broadway Q line); Phase III is from 72nd Street to Houston Street; Phase IV is from Houston Street to Hanover Square
      • $13 billion; funding is not yet secured
      • construction could begin at the earliest in 2015
      • Relevant articles on the Transport Politic: Rethinking the Second Avenue Subway – 125th Street, 5 November 2008; Rethinking the Second Avenue Subway – the East Village, 6 November 2008.
    • Lower-Manhattan to JFK Metro (or CR)
      • Project would connect Lower Manhattan and JFK International Airport in Queens
      • Though project was to be funded by September 11 Reconstruction funds, that money has dried up in the face of escalating costs on other projects
      • Alternatives could include service along existing LIRR Atlantic Line, and then connection via a new tunnel to Lower Manhattan (this could potentially also be an extension of the Second Avenue Subway’s Phase IV); the existing Montague Tunnel used by A Line Subway Trains could be taken for the use of these trains
  • San Jose
    • BART metro from Berryessa to Santa Clara
      • 6.1-mile extension of BART south, west, and north again to Santa Clara, via Downtown San Jose; connections to VTA LRT at Montague/Capitol, Alum Rock, and Downtown San Jose; connections to Caltrain at Santa Clara and Diridon/Arena; connection to San Jose Airport People Mover at Santa Clara; connections to Altamont Commuter Express at Santa Clara and Diridon/Arena (4 new stations)
      • Extension of line currently under construction from Warm Springs to Berryessa Road in San Jose
      • 90,000 projected daily riders
      • Approximately $4 billion cost, no current funding available
  • Toronto
    • Yonge Subway Extension– 2017
      • 4.2-mile extension of existing Yonge-University-Spadina line, from Finch Station to Richmond Hill Centre, exiting City of Toronto to enter York Region
      • $2.4 billion (Canadian) cost
      • Construction may begin in 2012 at the earliest
    • Scarborough RT Extension Metro or LRT Partially Funded
      • Extension of existing route from McCowan Station to the Northeast
      • Entire route may be converted from Metro operation to LRT service as part of the extension
      • $1.2 billion (Canadian) cost
      • Construction likely to begin in 2012
  • Vancouver
    • UBC/Broadway Line SkyTrain – 2020 Partially Funded
      • New line, running from Commercial Drive to the University of British Columbia
      • $2.8 billion (Canadian) cost
      • Construction likely to begin in 2014
    • Expo Line Extension– 2020
      • 3.7-mile extension of the existing Expo Line SkyTrain from King George Station to 168 Street in Surrey
      • Project will also involve the extension of platforms at all Expo line stations
      • Project not funded, but included in Provincial Transit Plan

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