The President-Elect Addresses Transit – Sort of.

Today, the Obama team responded to a question asked on its website:

Will transit and intercity rail projects be a major component of the infrastructure stimulus package, rather than focusing on highway projects?
– John B, Chicago

Here’s the response given by incoming White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs in a video:

Yes, John, transit and intercity rail projects will be a major component of the President-elect’s infrastructure program. Not only will they provide jobs to help get this economy moving again, but they’ll reduce our dependence on foreign oil, cut the amount of carbon in our atmosphere, clean our air, and more importantly, improve the quality of life for millions of Americans.”

This is the first direct response from the incoming administration on transit issues, and we’re happy to hear that it’s a positive one. This response was clearly devoid of specifics – not surprising considering the quite superficial nature of all the answers given, but at least it’s something!

We’ll see soon enough whether the recommendations developed by Congressman Oberstar will be endorsed by the White House, but this response is a hopeful signal.

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