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Schumer to Offer Up Transit's $3 Billion in Senate Stimulus Bill

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) will introduce a version of Representative Jerrold Nadler’s $3 billion amendment to the economic stimulus bill, reports TPM-DC.

If the amendment passes, as it is likely to do in the Democratically-controlled chamber, the amendment would provide $1.5 billion more for New Start and Small Start projects and $1.5 billion more for formula grants to transit, adding $1 billion and $6 billion respectively to the numbers proposed in the original draft of the stimulus bill.

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no ur right, it’s VERY small

so i guess the infrastructure that Obama is thinking about is mainly highways and roads huh?

2 areas in the US that are laughed at in Europe: Rail transit/infrastructure and Health care

How about we at least get rapid rail up to all these destinations since we can agree that these destinations need better than the current freight rails. If we at least have rapid rail infrastructure and come together on that we need electric rail lines at 125 mph, we might get somewhere closer to high speed rail. Start with the basics and build off of those in the areas where there are not as many flights or the air shuttles are generally smaller aircraft.

If we come together on rapid rail, we could probably get some more funds from Congress to restore the rail grid, until then, it will be problematic.

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